The Expert and Intermediate views:

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If you wish to have access to all of the features and functions of the suite, you have to opt for the Expert view. With Expert view, you get complete control over the suite as well as its modules such as parental control, firewall, anti spam, privacy control, antivirus, back up, vulnerability, home network, tune-up, encryption, game and laptop mode. With each of these options, you get a wide range of customisation possibilities that allows you to have the suite your way.

As far as the Intermediate option is concerned, the dashboard gives you access to the system maintenance tools, security module, backup and encryption tools and Home Network. The Intermediate view actually adds heaps of complexity to the Basic Interface. Here, you will find more options in the main user interface along with top level tabs and some configurable tools beneath it for swift access to the most commonly used features. It is just confusing and we feel that the Intermediate view does not make much sense. Just being an uncomfortable balance between the text links and shortcut icons. Even though you are an advanced user, we would recommend the Basic View option if you want to speed up the installation process, you can change to Advanced interface later.

Basic View:

As the name indicates, the Basic View is the least comprehensive management tool of the lot and by default, with this module the control a user has over the modules is quite minimal and you get only the essentials in the interface including some system tune up tools, scanning and also a few instruments of backup and restore. Here, you get a large, coloured security status indicator on the left and some really large buttons on the right for accessing Tune up, Security and My Tools. On clicking on each one of these, drop down menus open with a list f choices. You also get to customise the list of visible extras. With the Basic View, there is also a possibility for you to activate the laptop and game modes and also to run a quick scan, which you will be able to find in the Security Menu. While the Intermediate and Basic view modes come with very less management possibilities, you will be able to configure the dashboards of both the views to expand your control. This is one of the biggest advantages of the adaptive design feature that BitDefender has introduced in its 2011 product line.

Quick Scan and Smart Scan:

It is no secret that cloud antivirus is great at taking the load off user’s station as well as provide faster scan results. You can also opt out of this cloud based virus scan. There is no doubt in the fact that this is important and recommended too, but it took almost five minutes on our system. Hence, for consumers with older computers, or just unprepared to take that break will get quite frustrated with the delay.

BitDefender calls this feature as QuickScan and it helps with reducing the impact in system resources a great deal and also the time required for completing a full scan. The Smart Schedule feature enables the user to run scans while the computer is idle, and pauses as soon as the system resumes. As far as the efficiency of this improvised malware protection is concerned, the standard has not been lowered in this version. When tested against a database of three hundred of worst threats, the results seemed to be pretty satisfactory as just eleven of the threats managed to get through the threats. And with the latest database of 38 worst threats, only eight were left behind.

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